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Move around the map to discover hidden mines. When you have found all of them, you have solved the game! No explosions or anything, and just one controller: the rotation sensor. Twist it left a little and you go left, right a little and you go right. Twist it all the way to go up and down. Kind of like an Etch-a-Sketch! When you stop, your radar is activated to discover the mines. They stay shown on the map once you have found them.

Made using  MicroPython for an M5Stack device - info at m5stack.com

Interested in the platform? Check out:

Install instructions

Upload the PlayBern.m5f to your M5Stack device or use https://flow.m5stack.com/ to load the file.


PlayBern.m5f 12 kB
PlayBern.py 1 kB

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